We consider you the most important piece of the pie in any transaction.


People in the Real Estate process.

We listen - we first want to know your story.

We evaluate - who are the stakeholders? These are the people who are directly impacted or influence the outcome of the project or property at hand.  We evaluate then eliminate any and all parties that will impede or redirect your valuable time or money from your objective at hand.

No matter the scale of your project or place, we establish an Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) to clarify and identify the key players in the transactional process.  

This time tested approach from the PMI (Project Management Institute) helps define clear communication channels between parties, establishing each persons role and responsibilities in the process.

Following this systematic approach we empower clients to make clear, concise decisions to get the most out of their transactions in the most expedient period of time.


Our clients

John Anthony Realty has served clients from every walk of life. 

Our clients come from as far away as the Far and middle East to Vancouver Canada and South America.

We serve Government agencies to developers statewide, doctors in affluent neighborhoods to retired homeowners needing help at City Hall to assist with tax issues.

Some of our clients are part of our team..of fellow licensed professionals that cover the building and professional trades. 

Our long term clientele is testament to our commitment to the community and dedication to the craft for the long term.  

Clients treat us as their trusted resource to get fast, accurate information they can use to make the best decisions possible quickly.