We are born into a constantly changing world where people move, minds change, where we create shelter to live, work and play. 

There are no two people in the world whose perception of a place are exactly the same.  This is why it is so important to have a person with experienced ability to listen to those perceptions and understand what they mean to you.

Our minds interpretation of a place ties directly to our sense of everything and those around us within that space.

It is important to care about place as an individual component in the process of buying, selling, leasing...and care about that place within the context of a sense of time...and how ones mind perceives time within the space.

For a person buying a home the analytical context may not be quite the same as a developer looking at a location for a shopping center.  

At John Anthony Realty we take a selective, consistent approach to your context within a timeframe.  We bring a distinct knowledge-base of the New Orleans area and beyond through actual trend data and our personal experiences developed over time.  

We start every analysis with a basic map...and create the place you want within a timeframe, or the place you wish to sell within a timeframe and plan a personal strategy for you.

New Orleans